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The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) University is a postgraduate institution of excellence in the provision of quality university education in the specialised field of Accountancy and allied subjects in Nigeria. The University is makes rapid positive contributions as a specialised Accounting University in Nigeria and globally building on the reputation of its Proprietor and the Nigerian College of Accountancy that it operates. The University represents the overlaying effort of the Association and its Governing Council and makes further giant contributions to the development of Accounting profession in Nigeria. The University draws on the experience and expertise of the Nigerian College of Accountancy over the years in the provision of excellent professional accounting of Nigeria in setting up the University is in agreement with the objectives of the National Policy on Education in seeking to guarantee access to education for all Nigerians, as well as to make sure that education addresses the need of individuals and of the country.

Historical Background

The motivation for the establishment of a University for Accountancy was borne out of the vision of current Governing Council of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) to build on the reputation and achievements of its Nigerian College of Accountancy in providing professional Accounting Education and certification to Nigerian Accountants; as well as to secure the future of Accountancy and Accounting professional in a specialized institution dedicated solely to study, teaching and research in Accountancy and allied subjects. The motivation was also promised in the need to pull diverse resources and human expertise in a single location committed to the advancement of Accounting that no single University presently in Nigeria is able to achieve. Further motivation was drawn from the comfortable financial standing of the Association as a critical factor considered towards establishing the University that shall not only be unique in nature, but shall be built on Professionalism, Service and Integrity.
Having consolidated a vision to establish the University with support of all members and after wide consultations, the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) commenced the process to actualise the dream of establishing the ANAN University. The Proprietor of the ANAN University appointed a Planning and Implementation Committee (PIC) made of seasoned academics and other professionals to handle the planning and takeoff activities for the establishment of the University. It was part of the responsibilities of the PIC to prepare this Academic Brief, to meet the requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC) for the establishment of private Universities in Nigeria. The document provides academic and administrative guidance to the University from its inception through its phases of development.


A global leading institution in advancing the Science of Accountancy


To be a premium brand of choice in Accounting education, research and practice

Our Philosophy

The overarching philosophy of the University is the continuous advancement of the science of Accountancy that is premised on providing a comprehensive and accomplished education through amalgamation of quality academic environment with excellent human resources and production of premium students with deepened knowledge of Accounting specialisations

Our Core Values
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Courage

To advance the quest for truth and knowledge through intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research and service.

Our Objectives

The law establishing the ANAN University has outlined its objectives aimed at meeting its vision and mission. The objectives of the ANAN University are to:

  • encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education;
  • provide sources of instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its branches, and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from them;
  • encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in Accountancy education and related disciplines, by developing and implementing outcome-based Accountancy education curricular that are empirically effective and globally competitive;
  • provide leading edge academic programme and degrees, that meet accountancy and related professional needs of contemporary Nigeria, through continuous review of the curricular; and offering excellence in postgraduate and continuing Accountancy and related education;
  • define, develop, and promote comprehensive and innovative pedagogical models of accountancy education, that incorporate collaboration, integrated active learning and evidence-based outcomes, using appropriate advanced technologies;
  • reinvent and transform accountancy education of professionals, by developing team-based and innovative approaches to learning through the following continuum of accountancy and related disciplines: auditing and forensic accounting, environmental accounting, financial management, financial reporting, management accounting, public sector accounting, and taxation;
  • create and expand access and opportunities for education, attract and retain quality students, researchers, and teachers, thereby assisting in developing human capital and mitigating the brain drain currently afflicting Nigeria;
  • carry out basic and applied research leading to the domestication and application of new technology to the Nigeria context through collaborative linkages with other academic and research institutions in Africa and the rest of the world; and undertake other activities appropriate for teaching, research and community service as expected of a university of high standard.


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