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Administrative Structure

The organisational structure of any institution determines, to a large extent, the management and realisation of set goals. The underlying principles of the administration of the ANAN University includes openness and participation through dialogue leading to effective implementation of decisions reached. The administrative structure of the University has been patterned after what generally obtains in the Nigerian University System and consists of the following command structure:

  • i. Proprietor
  • ii. Board of Trustees
  • iii. Chancellor
  • iv. Pro-Chancellor
  • v. Governing Council (and its Committees)
  • vi. Senate (and its Committees)
  • vii. Vice-Chancellor
  • viii. Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • ix. Congregation
  • x. Convocation
  • xi. Other Principal Officer of the University (Registrar, Librarian and Bursar)
  • xii. Other Key Officers of the University (Directors of the directorates/units)
  • xiii. College and Departmental Administration (Deans of College and Heads of Departments).

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